Join John P Lightning and Dave ‘The’ Boogie Man this PM for our all live New Years Extravagonzo. We will commence at 8 PM and go until about 1AM, as we ring in the New Year with you.

Our Pre Game show will be an edit of a WJPL FM broadcast from the winter of 1986, featuring Hank Hayes and Pete Sayke.

Click here to listen to the High Stream

Click here to listen to the Low Stream

Join in by calling in to 347 850 0442. And write us at Johnplightning@aol.com


By listening to John P. Lightning and The Extravagonzo this evening at 8 PM Eastern time.

I have put literally minutes worth of time into preparing this show, so be prepared for a sloppy, underprepared, anything can and will happen show this evening… AKA… the usual nonsense!

Link to our audio, at our website, JohnLightning.Com.

And call in to the LIVE show, at 347 850 0442, or write us at Johnplightning@aol.com





Yes, you lucky SOB, you can hear John P. Lightning and the 11L/RNI Extravagonzo tonight at 8 PM Eastern time, on WBCQ, or by clicking on the listen links at JohnLightning.Com.

Call in to 347 850 0442 and be part of the proceedings, or write to us at Johnplightning@AOL.Com

As usual, bout 30 minutes of choice quality music you need to hear, will air ON LINE ONLY, commencing at 7:30 PM.


…Just tune in to this evenings EXTRAVAGONZO, as John P. Lightning makes American radio great again, with another three hour tour of radio’s forbidden zone.

Join Johnny at 8 PM Eastern time, on WBCQ, or listen using the links to the audio right here at JohnLignting.Com.

Participate in the proceedings by calling in to 347 850 0442. Or write us at JohnLightning@AOL.Com


Tonight, John P. Lightning presents another three hour tour into radios Bermuda Triangle, as Mister L. brings you another topical, tawdry, and at times downright tasteless Extravagonzo.

Be listening at 8PM Eastern time, for America’s only essential talk radio travesty, on WBCQ, or catch the direct feed right here at JohnLightning.Com

A pre-game set of music from a 1988 aircheck of WJPL will lead into the show, at about 7:30 PM.

Join in the fun and aggravation, by calling 347 850 0442, or E Mail us at Johnplightning@aol.com




Join your pally John P. Lightning this evening at 8 PM Eastern Time, for another three hours of talk and more radio, at JohnLightning.Com, and on The Planet, WBCQ.

As usual, expect tunes, silly sthick, and perhaps your comments, as we make radio relevant and irreverent, all at the same time.

Go to JohnLightning.Com and use the listen live links provided… or tune to 5.130 MHZ… for radio with the real free speech difference!

CALL IN: 347 850 0442

E MAIL: Johnplightning@aol.com


Yes, it tis almost time for John P. Lightning and the Extravagonzo, on 11L/RNI.

Join Mister L. along with in studio guest, Dave THE Boogie Man, for three hours or thereabouts, of great talk and more radio.

Of course we will discuss last weeks election results, engage in some extreme silliness, and we encourage your participation by E Mail (Johnplightning@aol.com), or by calling in at 347 850 0442.

The fun and excitement commences at 8 PM Eastern Time on WBCQ (at 5.130 MHZ International Shortwave) and right herecxme7bqucaalbpd-jpg_large at JohnLightning.Com.

A half hour of enticing tunes starts at 7:30 Eastern Time ON LINE ONLY, the perfect lead in to YOUR Extravagonzo!

The Midwood Files, The Boogie Man, and John P. Lightning , all This Weekend!

Use the Listen Live links here at JohnLightning.Com to listen to L.F. Midwood and The Midwood Files, Saturday Night/Sunday Morning at 12 Midnight, Eastern Time, for compelling chit chat, and some relevant music

Then, join Dave THE Boogie Man, Sunday at 8 PM EST, for more of the music you NEED to hear.

Just after the top of the 8 O’Clock hour on Sunday Night with Dave, John P. Lightning will spend a few minutes reflecting on the events of the week (The segment will be replayed at the end of Dave’s broadcast, at about 11 PM EST).

For talk and more, 11L/RNI is the Internet and Shortwaves best radio… of course!


Tonight at 8 PM Eastern Standard Time, John P. Lightning returns to WBCQ and JohnLightning.Com for three hours of pre election infotainment.

Join John by phone by calling in to 347 850 0442… OR… write to us at Johnplightning@aol.Com.

Pre Game music begins ON LINE ONLY, at 7:30 Eastern.

We advise you not miss a minute of Radio NewYork International programming tonight. Also, be sure to listen to RNI Tuesday night, commencing at 8 PM EST, when LF Midwood presents a special live election night edition of The Midwood Files, only at JohnLightning.Com

And, if you missed LF’s Saturday night show, go to JohnLightning.Com OR LFMidwood.Com to listen and/or download the show.