You can always cop a cheap and legal high, by listening to the Extravagonzo this evening on 11L/RNI.

Tonight, during approximately the last hour of our three hour get together, we shall be speaking with a long time pal, and friend of the radio family, my pally Jeff, who is a legally carded medical weed user. He is our resident expert on all things weed, and I interviewed him on the subject in fair detail.

If you are curious about weed… or… GASP!… a user… you should find that portion of our program quite interesting and informative… and fun!

The show commences at 8 PM Eastern time, on The Planet, WBCQ (at 5.130 Mhz), and will be streaming online, at Johnlightning.Com

Participate in the show by EMail: Johnplightning@aol.com
or call in to 347 850 0442.

A special ‘Don’t Touch Me’ pre game show can be heard ON LINE ONLY, beginning at 7:30 PM… BE THERE PALLY!

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Well, now that my audio editing software failed while saving the pre game show, losing all that work, I am a tad annoyed… which can mean a disaster is in store… or some really great radio.

Regardless, the Extravagonzo airs LIVE at 8 PM Eastern time, and it should be a keeper considering my mood, so be in place for great radio. And be a part of the show via E Mail (Johnplightning@aol.com) or call in at 347 840 0442. Enjoy, the way I’m feeling about radio these days, you should avail yourself of the show while you can… Thanks! My next job, may be similar to the one pictured.

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Well, that is my claim… as it is a radio show, you won’t know for sure now, will you? Regardless, we shall shake up International Shortwave by singing ‘Mammy’, eating chitlins, and generally being the insensitive sickies we are here at RNI. Be tuned in for 3 hours of what, I am not sure, as the last two weeks have been a tad unsettling in Lightning land.

That said, join your DJ (as in Disc-cussion Jockey) for whatever I can cobble together in a few short hours, so… YOUR INPUT MORE APPRECIATED THAN EVER THIS PM.

A fine pregame show online only begins at 7:30 Eastern time, only at JohnLightning.Com. Then stick around for the Extravagonzo at 8 PM, on-line, and on WBCQ (5.130 MHZ for both of you that listen on an actual radio)

So pal, I better hear from you tonight… or you are royally fucked. Ta Ta till then!

Call In: 347 850 0442

E Mail: Johnplightning@aol.com

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Well, even I, John P. Lightning, may not be able to pull off that feat of legerdemain, but I will make shortwave relevant, topical, and silly… all within the three hours our bi-weekly Extravagonzo takes to entertain and inflame.

As always the show commences at 8PM Eastern time, on WBCQ (at 5.130 Mhz on whatever device you have that can actually pick up our signal)… and On-Line, at JohnLightning.Com

Check the on-line feed at 7:30 PM Eastern time, for the Pre Game Show, which as always will enhance your evening with great timeless music.

Join in LIVE, by E Mail or phone, and be a part of the show you know… as The Extravagonzo.

CALL IN: 347 850 0442

E Mail Johnplightning@aol.com

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To hell with Amber alerts, this is a Grey Alert… letting you know that your favorite old grey DJ, I… John P Lightning, will be unleashing another 3 hours of ESSENTIAL radio, which will grace the transmitting facilities of WBCQ.

Your Extravagonzo can be heard LIVE tonight at 8PM Eastern time. Listen in at Johnlightning.Com … or on The Planet, WBCQ, at 5.130 Mhz, on your shortwave relic.

As always, a half hour of good music, leads into the show, ON LINE ONLY, so go to Johnlightning.Com at 7:30 PM Eastern, to hear it all.

And be sure to participate in the show, by e mail or by calling the show. We talk to you & give you the opportunity to talk back… so please do so!

E Mail: Johnplightning@aol.com

Call In: 347 850 0442

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Er, year, year… ‘ol Bob Weir will only slooow down more in 2019. However, we here at RNI are determined to bring you another year of potentially toxic radio.

Join yours truly, along with Dave THE Boogie Man, for three hours of whatever we come up with, as show prep is a thing of the past these days.

The Pre game show will air at 7:30 Eastern time at Johnlightning.Com… and then… YOUR Extravagonzo… arrives at 8 PM Eastern, all across Planet Radio WBCQ (at 5.130 on your shortwave receiver… if you are positioned just right!)

Let’s ring out the old with you ringing in to 347 850 0442… make it a really interactive show… and if you’re not the chatty type, please send along an E Mail… the address, Johnplightning@aol.com. Thank you pally!

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First off, THANK YOU ALL for responding to our test post, as I was unable to post to the Book of Face the last two shows… Obviously, we have rectified the problem.

Join yours truly, and our guests L.F. Midwood and Hank Hayes (of the Hank & Jim Radio Network) for three hours of whatever we cobble together, as I spent most of the last two days in full party mode… meaning tonight’s show could be an Amtrack train of a show… which could be pretty fucking interesting.

A very special XMAS Pre Game Show of seasonal goodies, commences at 7:30 Eastern Time (ON LINE ONLY) at Johnlightning.Com… and then… YOUR EXTRAVAGONZO, at 8 PM.

Your participation is encourage (how foolish of me, eh?) by calling 347 850 0442… or E Mail us at Johnplightning@aol.com. I do look forward to hearing from you (proving again, what a fool I am, albeit, an entertaining one)

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Well, if you are as alert as most of my listeners, you likely needed this reminder that at 8PM DST, Radio NewYork International presents The Extravagonzo, with yours truly, John P. Lightning.

Join in the fun, starting at 7:30 PM ON-LINE ONLY, when we begin with a great blend of eclectic musical selections, followed by The Extravagonzo, at JohnLightning.Com and on The Planet, WBCQ (at 5.130 Mhz).

E Mail us at Johnplightning@aol.Com or call in to 347 850 0442, and be a part of WBCQ’s airstaff, where your voice counts. See you later pally.

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…Will be served up this PM at JohnLightning.Com, and on ‘The Planet’ WBCQ. Commencing at 8 PM Eastern time, John P. Lightning’s EXTRAVAGONZO will be LIVE until 11PM, with music, comedy, commentary, and other assorted madness.

The Pre Game music special begins our feed, ON LINE ONLY, at 7:30 Eastern time.

Curious about great radio? Well, satisfy your curiosity tonight, and join in by calling 347 850 0442… or write us at Johnplightning@aol.com

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