L.F. Midwood returned to the netwaves of 11L/RNI last night, with 90 minutes of music and chat.

Get to know L.F., and his co host Miss Gina. Use the link below to find your way to the replay/download of the show. Just copy & paste the link below this paragraph to play, or right click to download.

Welcome L.F. back to RNI by listening, which you may also do at his web site (where you may also listen to or download his programs) at

And be certain to listen to L.F. every Saturday night/Sunday morning, at Midnight Eastern time, using the usual audio links for 11L/RNI Live programming, that you will find on the top right hand side of our home page, at JohnLightning.Com


Be tuned to WBCQ (5.140 MHZ International Shortwave) or go to JohnLightning.Com to listen LIVE to tonight’s Extravagonzo.

John Lightning will deliver topical and nonsensical news, views, and the usual BS starting at 8 PM Eastern time (7:30 PM on line only to hear the pre game music show).

Participate in the proceedings by calling 347 850 0442 or E Mail us at Johnplightning@aol.Com and add your input to our transmitters output.


…Is The Extravagonzo, with John P. Lightning. Avail yourself of thought provoking radio that is about as PC as Deadbeat Donald on Access Hollywood, when 11L/RNI programming airs LIVE this evening, at 8 PM Eastern time.

Pre Show music begins ON LINE ONLY at 7:30 PM, at JohnLightning.Com, where the Extravagonzo can be heard. For you fans of actual over the air radio, listen, if you may, on WBCQ, at 5.130 on your shortwave antique.

Participate in the program by E Mailing us, our address, Johnplightning@aol.Com, or call in at 347 850 0442.


IT’S EXTRAVAGONZO TIME (AKA: Time for GREAT Talk & More Radio)

A ton of fun, some political BS, story telling, and plenty of exclusive content tonight, as another three action packed hours of 11L/RNI programming splatters all across The Planet, WBCQ, and the show can also be heard in it’s full stereophonic glory, at JohnLightning.Com.

As always, the festivities commence at 8 PM Eastern time, with pre show music YOU NEED TO HEAR, on-line only, at 7:30 Eastern.

So be certain to not miss a moment of our modulation madness, and do E Mail your submissions to the show, at: Johnplightning@AOL.Com14184282_1495834103775305_2466842212177191841_n

YOUR LINKS TO GREAT TALK RADIO ARE HERE (Well, to the right hand side of this page pally)

You are just hours away from the radio show where hypocrisy is verboten. That of course is YOUR Extravagonzo, featuring your pally John P. Lightning.
As always,we will be presenting three hours of live and lively radio, that will infuriate and infotain!
We cordially ask you to participate in the proceedings, which begin at 8 PM Eastern time. As always, a pre-game show of outstanding music, leads up to the show (on-line only) at 7:30 PM.
Listen up, on WBCQ, or at, where you will find the listen links.
I cannot fathom anyone missing a minute of the maniacal broadcasting bouillabaisse we will be serving up tonight, so be sure to listen live, and participate in the radio show that makes all other radio shows unnecessary.


Tonight’s show is a homecoming of sorts, as original WJPL staff member, L.F. Midwood joins Mr. L in a ideological faceoff, as the twains meet, for three hours (at least) of the serious and silly, make a mess out of Planet Radio, WBCQ, and the audio feed at JohnLightning.Com.

A always, the madness commences at 8 PM Eastern time, with another great Pre Game show beginning at 7:30 Eastern.

Throw a few haymakers of you own, by calling in to 347 850 0442, or E Mail the crew, the address:

Tune in for an Extravagonzo you will long remember (for at least oh… bout 30 man minutes), this evening, on 11L/RNI… the place for John Lightning… and someone at the least, equally weird!CpgGV-_WgAE52qz




Well, I’ll be damned if I know how to win big cash prizes, but while you wait for your ship to come in (and wait… and wait) you should be listening to this weeks 11L/RNI Extravagonzo.

Another entertaining and informative mix of the serious and the silly, splatters all over WBCQ, and on-line at JohnLightning.Com this evening at 8 PM Eastern time.

It’s another ALL LIVE broadcast of news, views, and lots of offensive nonsense, THREE HOURS of required radio.

Do join us promptly at 8 PM, or on-line ONLY, at 7:30 PM, for the pre game music show. And call in LIVE to 347 850 0442, or write us at

Don’t miss out on talk radio with the up yours difference, tonight a 8 PM…

Use the links on the upper right hand side of the page to listen!




Thanks to the prodigious efforts of former and now once more current 11L/RNI staff member and programmer L.F. Midwood, our website has been upgraded to resolve all the loading problems we were experiencing.

To insure that the site, and all the archival pages run properly, it was necessary to make changes to our some of our audio links.

The Hi, Lo, and Replay Stream links required, are all just a click away, on the right hand side of our home page, at the top of the page. They all all fully operational, at a 192K bitrate, and we foresee no further changes to them. We expect that it will be many years before we shall require any more upgrades or changes (he writes, fingers and legs crossed).

Therefore, should you experience any difficulties accessing our next broadcast, be certain to use the links on the homepage for the .pls file that will open up our audio streams.

The links to all of our pages have changed, including our archives, that link is just below the listen live and streaming link.

Our webcast page, with direct access to the live and replay links, can now be accessed at this address:

So be sure to replace and/or delete any old, non-functional links, and assure yourself of many years of quality 11L RNI programming (and my shows too!)

My thanks to everyone involved in this ongoing effort. Without the support of The Planet WBCQ, and our pallies at Area 51, and the encouragement of our longtime broadcasting partners at the Hank & Jim Radio Network, we would have retired from this gig long ago (and your life would suck to a much greater degree).

But due to L.F.’s diligence, and my foolish need to keep doing this, we shall carry on in the grand tradition of radio without rules… and talent, but hey, that’s never gotten in the way of us doing what we do yet!

John L.